Armitage White

Armitage White, a Force-sensitive human male, was the Supreme Leader of the First Order and a powerful practitioner of the dark side of the Force. He was also part of the triumvirate that controlled "Eclipse" Battle Station, a planetary superweapon with the power to destroy entire star systems.
White was born on the planet Arkanis, around the time of the Battle of D'Qar, as a result of an extramarital affair between Commandant Brendol White and a kitchen worker. The elder White regarded his illegitimate son with disdain; in Brendol's eyes, White was a useless, weak-willed child. Nevertheless, he took it upon himself to raise White in whom he saw the potential for leadership. When the German Empire's forces were decisively beaten by the Rebellion at the Battle of Zyloth in 2033, White accompanied his father to the Unknown Regions where an Imperial remnant ultimately evolved into the First Order. Brendol was later killed by his son and General Cassia Tagge, both of whom went on to become leading figures in the First Order alongside visier Pestage.
In his desire to bring an end to the era of the Republic, White convinced the Emperor to approve Terra Prime as the first target of "Eclipse" Station, consequently resulting in the obliteration of the Republic capital, the Earth Senate, and a large portion of the Republic Defense Fleet in 2058.
After the destruction of the system Procyon, gross-admiral White tracked Republic Remnant Fleet and destroy him with his fleet flagman - super star destroyer "Ravager" (Mandator IV-class).

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