(MS//SIOD/SPECPROJ-SERP//REL UNC, SCPF) Notes on the universal energy exchange process


This document contains information affecting the security of the SCP Foundation within the meaning of the Foundation General Security Protocol 02, Section 183.
Distribution limited to Strategic Executive Research Program personnel possessing Level 5 Foundation security clearance and/or especially indoctrinated and authorized in writing to receive information in the designated control channels.
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(MS//REL) Introduction

The scientists of the SCP Foundation and the SERP have long theorised that every living being in the galaxy is somewhat connected. The discovery of the First Order, and the capture of pro-Imperial terrorists by the XOF has confirmed this hypothesis.
Every living being is electromagnetically connected with other living beings through microscopic symbiotes called midichlorians. The higher the amount of midichlorians, the stronger the bind.
Those with a high enough amount of midichlorians in their blood have the ability to manipulate physical processes around them. This process is called transmutative midichlorian manipulation (TMM). Some call it 'using the Force', some call it 'extrasensory perception'. In essence, though, TMM is basically perception of the electromagnetic energy that connects everything around us, and the ability to manipulate that energy.

(MS//SIOD//REL) Schools of TMM

The Order of the Jedi, the organization that guarded the secrets of the Force before the incidents with the Sith brought it down, have only divided TMM into the 'Light side', focused on healing and the establishment of peace, and the 'Dark side', focused on personal gain and destructiveness. Modern practitioners of TMM, however, divide it into four Schools:

(MS//SIOD//REL) Alteration

The powers of the School of Alteration can be used to change the fundamentals of physics and biology. It can harden the caster's skin until it is like armor, cause a lock to pop open without a key, or burden an enemy with invisible weight.
Alteration is different to Illusion in that it alters the rules of nature, molding reality so that the changes are recognized by everyone, rather than by the minds of the practitioner and the target (if any).
In the times of the Jedi and the Sith, Alteration powers were fairly common, used by both sides.

(MS//SIOD//REL) Destruction

The School of Destruction, mostly practiced by the Sith in the past, focuses on powers that harm living and unliving things, and include elemental damage, draining, damaging, vulnerability, and disintegration.

(MS//SIOD//REL) Illusion

The School of Illusion involves manipulating the mind and senses of another. Illusion powers were practiced mostly by the Jedi.

(MS//SIOD//REL) Restoration

The School of Restoration's powers are dedicated to healing injuries, curing illnesses, poisons, and diseases, the fortification of attributes, shielding and preventing damage. Restoration was mostly practiced by the Jedi.

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