(MS//REL UNC, SCPF) Select Foundation Containment Protocols


Foundation Orbital Research Compound (FORC) 04, designated as LOCATION 404 by the NSPC, has been established in a Lissajous orbit about the L4 Lagrangian point where SCP-2722 is located. Foundation assets are to liaise with all global space programs to ensure that any spacecraft which pass close enough to L4 or FORC-04 to detect SCP-2722 have their mission data suitably altered or deleted. In order to minimize the risk of accidental detection of SCP-2722 by previously-intercepted craft, the object's albedo plating is to be maintained in a deployed state except during transfer of personnel. Several re-purposed orbital monitoring satellites have been redeployed in orbit about SCP-2722 to assist with mapping efforts.

For the purpose of exploring and studying SCP-2722, two Orbital Task Forces, OTF Tau-7 ("Rama Repairmen"), and OTF Tau-12 ("Navigators") have been stationed on FORC-04. OTF Tau-12 is charged with mapping the interior of SCP-2722 and cataloging useful inscriptions, while OTF Tau-7 undertakes the analysis of recovered SCP-2722 technologies.

While the SCP-2722-1 effect is not considered to be contagious, any and all personnel leaving the immediate vicinity of SCP-2722 or FORC-04 are to be administered Class-C amnestics and standard counter-memes to minimize the risk of potential spread.

At least two TOP SECRET AQUINAS-cleared personnel shall be stationed on FORC-04 at all times. In the event that a AQUINAS TRUE scenario should reach Condition CRITIC BLACK, SCP-2722 is to be treated as a Class V Extraterrestrial Defense Asset and should be brought to full activated status immediately. In the event of such a scenario, SCP-2722 is to be reclassified as Thaumiel. For further details, see Heimdall Operating Plan 2722-REBUILD.

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