(SCP5) SCP-8314


This document сontains information affecting the security of the SCP Foundation within the meaning of the Foundation General Security Protocol 02, Section 183.
Distribution limited to Special Executive Research Program personnel possessing Level 5 Foundation security clearance and/or especially indoctrinated and authorized in writing to receive information in the designated control channels.
Unauthorized viewing, possession, replication, and/or dissemination of this document is grounds for punitive actions detailed in Foundation General Security Protocol 18, Section 2381.

(S//REL) Item #: SCP-8314

(S//REL) Object Class: Keter

(S//REL) Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-8314 must be stored in a stasis tube with a lining of Class 9 corrosion-resistant nanofabrics. Any other materials will be slowly consumed and broken down by SCP-8314 and used to further repair itself. SCP-8314's containment chamber must be placed within redundant stacked isolation chambers and Faraday cages, inside a magneto-fluid disruptive cyclical storage facility. Personnel assigned to SCP-8314 are to report any psychological disturbances (especially nightmares) directly to Site 57-A Memetics and Cognitive Hazards Office.

(MS//SPECPROJ//REL) Description:
SCP-8314 is the corpse of Matriarch Benezia T'Soni of the Asari Republics. Scans indicate the subject is dead, yet no biological degradation has been noted. Core samples and blood samples indicate there is absolutely zero biological activity occurring in SCP-8314. Additionally, all samples have come back one hundred percent sterile.

Upon arrival into Foundation custody, SCP-8314 was missing most of the external bodily layers of skin common to asari, over forty-seven percent of the upper and lower body. The entirety of the chest cavity was vaporized, leaving behind only a fragment of the heavily reinforced spinal column to hold the object together. The left arm and portions of the left hip region were also missing.

The corpse displayed severe battle damage, including several third-degree (tissue) and fourth-degree (burn to bone) level injuries. All flesh was riddled with artificial thread composite materials on the nanometer scale, described by the analysis of Lt. [REDACTED] as far in advance but otherwise identical in function to those created by the Sier Corporation as described in UI-30923.1

However, SCP-8314 regenerates constantly at a rate of (if uninterrupted) point five (0.5) mm per week from all eroded or damaged surfaces. The state of regeneration increases if exposed to any form of energy – sunlight, heat, movement, radiation, or direct contact with any living or dead organic material. Microorganisms that make contact with SCP-8314 are immediately broken down into amino acid base types unfamiliar to us and used to repair DNA strands within SCP-8314 cells. Once this is completed, nanothreads inject a substance (SCP-8314-1) into each cell which seems to be some form of preservative.

Remote neural activity scans of the corpse indicate signals equivalent to asari brainwave activity in the forward and 'seaward' nodes of the brain. Specifically, these node sites correlate to immense mental strain, pain, and horror. Additionally, metallic substructures within the brain and tied into the spinal region of SCP-8314 have been identified as possible receiving antenna.

It is the current assumption that prior to her death and beyond, Matriarch Benezia T'Soni was affected by SCP-80212.

(MS//REL) Addendum 8314-1: Preliminary Remote Examination Results

  • Body is maintained at a temperature of thirty-one (31) degrees C, by method unknown.
  • Magnetic fields in excess of four point seven (4.7) Gau have been detected at all times from the corpse.
  • Cellular decay expected from time of death to stasis immersion not found.
  • Lividity normal.

(MS//SPECPROJ//REL) Addendum 8314-2:

The projected result of removal of SCP-8314 from containment and exposure to a non-secured environment has been full physical restoration in six days, eleven hours, and thirty minutes. Given the sensor readings from the brain and the fact that Benezia was reported to be 'struggling' against a possessing presence that had commandeered her body, any use of Procedure Tammuz-6 is… unwise.
I am willing to discuss particulars only in-person, as the conversation would, by force, require violation of the restrictions of Thaumiel-level or possibly SIOD-level intelligence and reports.
Until then, SCP-8314 is to remain in stasis lockdown at all times, with multiple redundant security measures that will hurl the asteroid containing it into a black hole if containment is breached. We already had one bad scare with the survivors of the MTF that hit Site 6; I will not allow another on my watch.

— Col. Nyomba Sahu, Security Chief, Site-57A

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