(MS//ORC-STI/CS-CRYPTO//NF) Special Project MAJESTIC Executive Summary


Special Projects Identification: 68765498-000F-JSCP
Codename Designation: MAJESTIC
Project Lead, SCP Foundation: Doctor Sophia Light
Project Lead, Intelligence Community: Admiral of the Blue Selena Rowlandson
Date Authorized: ██/██/████
Involved Facilities:
  • Overwatch HQ
  • Research Sector-15
  • ODNI Facility 35
  • ODNI Facility 65
  • ICNS Central Routing Hub
  • SPF Conclave

Involved Task Forces and Units:

  • Mobile Task Force Mu-4
  • Mobile Task Force Kappa-10
  • Joint Information Security Task Force
  • Tailored Access Operations Task Force, NISC/NETOPSCOM
  • Special Communications Service, NISC
  • XOF Operational Team RHO
  • XOF Operational Team TAU
  • Executive Activities Support Group
  • Advanced Network Technologies Branch, NSPC
  • Civilian Contractor Group 5
  • Department of State Contigency Planning Office

Project Mission:
Project MAJESTIC has the goal of creating secure dual-use information systems both for the Foundation and the Coalition Intelligence Community.
Key Assumptions:

  1. The systems will have high operational durability and work on even the oldest of devices without retaining its properties.
  2. The systems will have defenses against memetic, cognitive and informational hazards.
  3. The systems will require specific setup for operation, allowing to discredit their usage by civilian populations.
  4. The systems will be tamper-proof, beginning from the BIOS/EFI level.
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