(MS//SIOD-COGOPS//ND) Special Project HEIMDALL Executive Summary


Special Projects Identification: 83910301-004C-JSCP
Codename Designation: HEIMDALL
Project Lead, SCP Foundation: General William Pendergast
Project Lead, Intelligence Community: Admiral of the Red Jonathan Silus
Date Authorized: ██/██/████
Involved Facilities:

  • Overwatch HQ
  • Research Sector-15
  • Site-11
  • Site-19
  • Armed Research Site-45
  • SPF Detrick
  • SPF Garrison
  • SPF Meade

Involved Task Forces:

  • Mobile Task Force Gamma-5
  • Mobile Task Force Iota-10
  • Mobile Task Force Kappa-6
  • Mobile Task Force Omega-4
  • XOF Operational Group RHO
  • Department of State Contigency Planning Office

Project Mission:
Project Heimdall is a cross-disciplinary High-Impact, Low-Probability contingency analysis with three primary objectives:

  1. Research potential means by which extraterrestrial intelligence displaying vigorous, active hostility to human life and/or civilization might attempt to conquer, enslave, or exterminate humanity.
  2. Analyze likely outcomes.
  3. Develop countermeasures and contingency plans.

Key Assumptions:

  1. Extraterrestrial intelligence will display vigorous, active hostility to human life and/or civilization.
  2. Hostile Extraterrestrials (HEs) will possess no technology forbidden by the laws of physics. (While numerous SCPs exist which operate in manners that are forbidden by the laws of physics, these are less-than-completely-understood exceptions, and have accordingly not supplanted the generally accepted laws of physics, even among Foundation researchers. Speculations of impossible technologies make for entertaining "soft" science fiction, not good analysis grounded in scientific fact.)
  3. Unless their goal is simply to destroy civilization and/or life (human or otherwise) on Earth, any attempt by HEs to attack the planet will necessarily be limited in the level of damage that it will cause to the biosphere.
  4. Attempts by HEs to conquer, enslave, or exterminate humanity can be either overt (exempli gratia armed invasion) or covert (exempli gratia infiltration).
  5. Knowledge of any overt attempt by HEs to conquer, enslave, or exterminate humanity will be impossible to contain from the world at large.
  6. "Simple" solutions to attempts by HEs to conquer, enslave, or exterminate humanity will prove insufficient.
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