Entered into force October 11th, 2418
Revised by ADMB Elizabeth Steele (lexical corrections) October 23rd, 2418
Entered into force with amendments February 07th, 2419


Naval Captain Jack Thibodeau, Head Technical Supervisor of the Naval Special Development Group, Lieutenant General William Hux, Commander of the Special Operations Group of the JIA Special Activities Division, and Marine Captain Connor Dechart, Commander of the NSPC Marine Retrieval and Security Group, hereinafter referred to as the Parties,

Convinced that this Interim Agreement on Certain Measures of Limitation of Strategic Armaments will reduce damages during international armed conflicts, contribute to relaxation of international tension and strengthen trust between the Parties,

Taking into account the relationship between strategic offensive and defensive arms,

Have agreed as follows:

Article I
The Parties undertake not to utilise the following armaments without mutual agreement:

  1. Any kind of explosive devices, including standard explosives, gravimetric explosives, breaching/thermobaric explosives etc.
  2. Any kind of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.
  3. Quantum tunnels that are connected to low-gravity environments.
  4. Quantum singularities, including tainted/unstable interplanar singularities.
  5. Any kind of ballistic missiles.

Article II
The Parties undertake to enforce energy safety measures on power plants and other energy facilities.

Article III
The Parties undertake to enforce extranormal safety measures during thaumaturgical operations, including dimensional transitions.

Article IV
Subject to the provisions of this Interim Agreement, failure to comply with them will be punished by disciplinary sanctions, up to, but not limited to physical termination of all involved parties.

Article V
To promote the objectives and implementation of the provisions of this Interim Agreement, the Parties shall, in case of any conflicts arising, consult Admiral of the Blue Elizabeth Steele, Director of the National Special Projects Center, as an arbitrating third party in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

Article VI
The Parties undertake to continue active negotiations for limitations on strategic armaments. The obligations provided for in this Interim Agreement shall not prejudice the scope or terms of the limitations on strategic arnanebts which may be worked out in the course of further negotiations.

Article VII
1. This Interim Agreement shall enter into force upon exchange of written notices of acceptance by each Party.

2. This Interim Agreement shall remain in force for a period of five years unless replaced earlier by another agreement the Parties agree on. It is the objective of the Parties to conduct active follow-on negotiations with the aim of concluding such an agreement as soon as possible.

3. Each Party shall, in exercising its sovereignty, have the right to withdraw from this Interim Agreement if it decides that extraordinary events related to the subject matter of this Interim Agreement have jeopardized its supreme interests. It shall give notice of its decision to the other Party six months prior to withdrawal from this Interim Agreement. Such notice shall include a statement of the extraordinary events the notifying Party regards as having jeopardized its supreme interests.

DONE at SPF Detrick on October 10th, 2418, in two copies, both texts being equally authentic.
AMENDED with new signatories at SPF Lannister on February 07th, 2419, in two copies, both texts being equally authentic.


NCPT JACK THIBODEAU Head Technical Supervisor, Naval Special Development Group, National Special Projects Center, United Coalition Intelligence Community

LGEN WILLIAM HUX Commanding Officer, Special Activities Division, Joint Intelligence Agency, United Coalition Intelligence Community

MCPT CONNOR DECHART Commanding Officer, 1st Rifle Company, Marine Retrieval and Security Group, National Special Projects Center, United Coalition Intelligence Community

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