The Iron Cross


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The Iron Cross
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Leader Carl Harrer (1939-1939), Anton Drexler (reorganized in 2050)
Founder Anton Drexler
Date of foundation 16 January 1939, 16 January 2050 (reorganization)
Date of dissolution 12 February 1939
Headquarters Muenchen, Briennerstrasse, 45 (1939), Unknown (2050)
Ideology Unknown
Number of members 35,450,800 (2059)
Anthem "Die Fahne hoch" (ENG: "The Flag on High")
Party press (illegal) "Folk Observer"
Status Illegal

The Iron Cross Movement is an illegal political and revolutionary movement. On this moment (January 2059), no member of this organization was found and convicted. This organization regularly conducts sabotage and propaganda, dropping anti-government leaflets from unknown drones with calls for revolution and execution of members of the government and the entire Intelligence Community. As such, the entire organization presents an imminent threat to national security.


Propaganda leaflet supporting the Polish Insurgent Army


One of edition of "Folk Observer"


Illegal rally in Brandenburg Land in support of "The Iron Cross Movement".

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