Union of New Greatness


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The Union of New Greatness
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Leader Theodor Heuss
Date of creation October 13, 2031
Headquarters United Coalition, Earth, Saar
Ideology Ultraright, anthropocentrism
International Free Coalition Nationalistic Movements Union
Allies and coalitions Coalition: AC "Fatherland" (2052-2054), "New Order" (2053-2054). Allies: OCN (2044, 2057), CNC (2044, 2057), "National Unit", "C14", AC "Fatherland". Assistance in elections, representatives in the party: OCN, CNC. International cooperation: Muunian Supreme Liberation Council (2054), Cerberus (2054-2059).
Members over 10 millions
Youth organization thumb-photostock-vector-eagle-emblem-wings-spread-holding-banner.jpg The Patriots (2039)
Motto 20 Years of Fight
Places in the Congress of Coalition 875/2500 (CXXIV)
Status Allowed, but under Commissariat supervision

The Union of New Greatness is a Coalition radical-anthropocentristic political party.

Created at October 13, 2031 on constituent congress with the name of United Coalition Social-Anthropocentric Party (UCSAP). On December 14, 2044 it has been renamed to "The Union of New Greatness", and the Theodor Heuss was elected chairman of party. In 2058 year the party got 875 from 2500 places in the Coalition Senate, gaining 35% of the votes.

(TS//LUT-PRD//NF) Party activity

(TS//LUT-PRD//NF) Public activities

  • November 7, 2047: Associates of the Union of New Greatness threw eggs at the procession of the Communist Party of the Coalition and the Progressive Socialist Party of the Coalition, dedicated to November 7. No further actions were noted, however, the procession was cancelled.
  • November 23, 2047: Associates of the Union of New Greatness and its allied organization, Young Hounds of Humanity (possible Cerberus front), despite the District Court's ban, held an action near the Washington space port named "Monuments to the executioners of the human nation must be destroyed".
  • April 19, 2049: 5 associates of the Union of New Greatness were arrested near NISC headquarters, with weapons found on them. The party is placed on the Commissariat watchlist. The associates are sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment.
  • June 19, 2053: Watchlist status removed from the party.
  • January 8, 2059: Activists of the Union of New Greatness illegally demolished a monument to Vladimir Lenin at the Museum of History. The group of young people threw metal cables on the monument and threw it off the pedestal. Then, under the aggressive cries of their associates, they began to smash and destroy the monument with sledgehammers. Where the monument to Lenin stood, they installed a flag of the movement. The gathering was dispersed by the forces of the 2nd Naval Commissariat Legion. 6 people were arrested and detained. Party again placed on Commissariat watchlist, with some of its members placed under CIC investigation.
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