(U//OFFICIAL) The First Order


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First Order
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General information

Organization type Military junta
Head of state Supreme Leader
Commander-in-chief High Command
De-facto leader Emperor Wilhelm LI (—2058), Supreme Leader Armitage Weiss (2058—)
Military branch First Order military

Societal information

Capital Earth, Eclipse (unofficially)

Historical information

Formed from German Empire, Imperial remnant
Date established Sometime between 5 ABZ and 21 ABZ

(U) The First Order, or simply "the Order", is a political and military faction in timeline 24-UNITY-01 that came into existence as a result of the fall of that timeline's German Empire. In the aftermath of the Battle of Zyloth, the Empire formally surrendered to the United Rebel Alliance by signing the Galactic Concordance, a peace treaty that marked the end of the Earth Civil War in 2033. In spite of the Empire's collapse, its legacy survived in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy, where former members of the Imperial Military plotted their return to power. Their cause was supported by some Imperial sympathizers who briefly inhabited a wing of Republic politics before abandoning the nascent democracy to join the Imperial-based movement in the Unknown Regions. Inspired by the ideals of the Empire, this movement sought to improve upon that regime by avoiding its weaknesses and flaws, ultimately resulting in the formation of the First Order.
(U) In the decades that followed the Empire's defeat, the First Order gradually built its strength through the secret mobilization of new fleets and armies in violation of the Galactic Concordance and Republic law. Despite further acts of defiance to the treaty, the Earth Senate did not regard the First Order as a serious threat to the Republic. After thirty years of plotting their revenge against the government that overthrew the Empire, the First Order test-fired the superweapon of "Eclipse" on the Procyon system and thereby destroyed Terra Prime, the capital world of the Republic.
(U) Swiftly rallying, the First Order deployed their previously hidden flotillas against the Republic, forcibly seizing military control of thousands of systems and being poised to seize all major systems within weeks. Desiring to crush their opposition, the First Order attacked the Starfleet Headquarters on Vulcan during their evacuation and then pursued them using their new hyperspace tracking system to the Alpha Centauri system, where Remnants of the Republic organized a fortified base. Using the station "Eclipse", the First Order destroyed the last hotbed of resistance, and after capturing the defenseless Earth, began to rule the Galaxy.

(U) History

(U) Following the Battle of Zyloth, Grand Vizier Seth Pestage and the Rebellion Chancellor Gilad Pellaeon signed the Galactic Concordance, which dissolved the Imperial government. Pellaeon then issued another declaration designating all surviving Imperial officers as war criminals. In response, many Imperial nobles, technologists, warlords, and officers fled the Empire into the Unknown Regions in an effort to escape the prying eyes of the Republic. They used information derived from Grand Admiral Bell, and the survey teams and droids that Emperor Wilhelm L had sent to explore the Unknown Regions. At the request of the dying Counselor to the Empire Gallius Rax, Grand Admiral Wilhuff Zann, and Commandant Brendol Weiss rendezvoused with the "Executor", the Super Star Destroyer. Zann saw an opportunity to rebuild the Empire.
(U) The German Empire lied in ashes, but the First Order had risen from its embers. There, isolated from the galaxy, the military junta was influenced by the principles of the fallen government. With the Republic now the dominant force in the galaxy, it continuously stressed upholding the values of democracy throughout the stars. In spite of such, however, the Republic was not without its critics, many of them disgruntled sympathizers of the Old Imperial ways, some of whom were a part of the political structure.
(U) Once disagreements between the loyalists and Imperial sympathizers became too severe, the latter group seceded, whereupon they joined the risen First Order in the Unknown Regions. While some in the Earth Senate applauded the notion, others realized that without Republic supervision, the Order would return to the draconian ways of its predecessor. Because it descended from the Empire in ideology, the First Order, upon being formed within the Unknown Regions alongside various former Imperial officers, technologists, nobles, and other pro-Imperial supporters, intended to reclaim their legacy.

(U//OFFICIAL) Discovery by the Coalition

(U//OFFICIAL) The Coalition first discovered the First Order in 2319 (SD 1123.34), by the efforts of XCPOA-54 (full details are classified SPECAT and require executive access). The Secretary of State has met the First Order's Leader, Armitage Weiss, and they signed a non-aggression pact, under which the two states are obliged not to attack each other.

(U//OFFICIAL) The First Order maintains an embassy at the Arcturus Station.

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