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Dark Legacy
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Founder(s) Skere Kaan, Armitage Weiss
Leader(s) Sith Council
Location(s) Earth, Coruscant, Arkanis, Ruusan, Honoghr, Ryloth, Zyloth, Abraxin, Centurius Prime
Formed from Brotherhood of Darkness
Date founded 1010 BBZ
Date dissolved 1000 BBZ
Date reorganized 25 ABZ
Era(s) Old Earth Era, Legacy Era

"The Brotherhood of Darkness was nothing but a twisted perversion of the Jedi Order, a dark parody of the very thing we stood against."
— Darth Bane

The Brotherhood of Darkness, or 'Dark Legacy' was an organization of Sith that rose to power in the last decade of the Galactic Republic's Dark Age. Founded by former Jedi Master Skere Kaan and reorganized by Dark Lord of the Sith Armitage White, the Brotherhood took the place of the fragmented Teutonic Order after slaughtering many of its most powerful lords. Forming the Dark Army, a force of warriors and soldiers meant to rain fire upon Republic worlds, the Brotherhood existed under the leadership of the Sith Council of Lords, constantly warring with the Jedi Order's Army of Light until they were utterly decimated at the Seventh Battle of Ruusan.



Thousands of years before the Brotherhood of Darkness became a Dark Legacy, it represented the union of several Jedi masters who studied only the "Dark Side of the Force". His leader was the Jedi Master Skere Kaan, the first lord of the Sith. For this, his and his followers were expelled from the Jedi Order, after which they created their own - the Brotherhood of Darkness.

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