Nika Riots

Nika riots
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Participating JIA operatives launch signal flares at the Senate Building
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A mass gathering of the protesters
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More radical participants throwing Molotov cocktails at Commissariat Legionaires
Date October 19th, 2359 — present day
Location New-Emerald, Coalition
Caused by Conflict over chariot racing
Methods Widespread rioting, property damage, murder
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United Coalition government Homeland Army (Venetois and Prasionois political parties)
Naval Commissariat Majority of the Intelligence Community, including XOF and NSPC
Right-wing radical nationalist parties Majority of the Coalition Armed Forces
'Cerberus' terrorist organization European legions
'Young Hounds of Humanity' patriotic movement 'Diamond Dogs' private military company
Loyalist armed militias Majority of the SCP Foundation personnel
Anomalous terrorist organizations Civilian protesters
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Lead figures
Steve Mansell Harald Marcus Kramer
Kristina Clemons Hypatius Dechart
COL Alice McKenzie ADMB Elizabeth Steele1
Killed: est. 1,562,423 Killed: est. 1,000,322

The Nika Riots took place against President Steve Mansell in New Emerald in 2359.


On September 12th, 2359, the Senate has been dissolved by the order of High Commandant Jason Zorah. This allowed President Mansell to usurp political power and circumvent CIC safeguards, effectively assuming control over the legislative power of the Coalition. On the next week, he introduced a new set of laws, that provided new emergency powers to the Commissariat, raised taxes to 56% on average, and tightened information control regulations, resulting in the Coalition civilian infosphere being effectively isolated. He also introduced a new set or corporate tariffs, that led to a 2-week deficit of primary necessities such as food, hygienic supplies and basic clothing. This has led to massive discontent among the general populace, including the majority of Armed Forces and CIC personnel.


On October 13th, 2359, a tense and angry populace arrived at the Hippodrome for the annual races. The Hippodrome was next to the Senate building, and thus President Steve Mansell himself could watch from it and preside over the races. From the start, the crowd has been hurling insults at Steve Mansell. By the end of the day, at race 22, the chants had changed from "Venetois" or "Prasionois" to a unified Nίκα ("Nika", meaning "Win!" "Victory!" or "Conquer!"), and the crowds broke out and began to assault the palace. To this date, the palace is under siege. The fires that started during the revolt resulted in the destruction of a large part of the city, including several prominent Christian churches, a Muslim mosque, the regional CIC monitoring station and the Commissariat headquarters.

On October 18th, 2359, the protesters captured Antony Hutton, the mayor of New Emerald, and hanged him by the legs after heavily mutilating his body.2

On October 20th, 2359, the Venetois and Prasionois parties have organized the majority of the civilian protesters into the "Homeland Army". At the same time, President Mansell ordered DNI Augustus Autumn to [SPECIAL CATEGORY ACCESS REQUIRED]. The DNI refused. On the same day, a clandestine session of the JECNI and the Armed Forces Command declared a motion of no-confidence towards President Mansell. That meant, since the legislative power was usurped by Mansell, that under the Constitution the JECNI would assume executive power and declare emergency elections as soon as the current President was removed from power.

On November 10th, 2359, the rebellious "Homeland Army" under command Władysław Raginis defeated the 14th tank corps despite the fact that it had of 20 times more people than the rebels.3

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