Great Stand on the Waterloo Avenue

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Great Stand on the Waterloo Avenue
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Date 31 December 2058 — 23 January 2059
Place Unity Square, Waterloo Avenue, Saar, Earth, Sol System, United Coalition
Reasons The government's decision to extend emergency powers to the Commissariat
Targets Resignation of the President, the Executive Secretariat and the Senate
Characteristics Conventional forms of protest (rallies, student strikes, Internet activism), after 31 December — radical forms of protest (clashes with law enforcement officers, the blockade of administrative buildings and public authorities in Saar, the seizure of administrative buildings in the center of Saar)
Conflict participants
Supporters of the democratization of the Coalition Coalition Government
• Coordinating organizations: • Department of Homeland Security:
Central Office of Protest Coalition Unrest Suppression Squad ALPHA
All-Coalition Union "Waterloo" Unrest Suppression Squad ECHO
Folk Senate of Coalition • National Counter-Terrorism Center:
• Congress opposition: 2nd Special Response Unit
The Union of New Greatness 3rd Special Response Unit
All-Coalition Union "Fatherland" Special Response Regiment "Tiger"
"New Order" Special Response Regiment "Jaguar"
Number of non-faction deputies Special Response Regiment "Cheetah"
• Other factions: • Naval Commissariat:
Democracy Alliance 4th Commissariat Legion
Radical Party of Coalition • Joint Intelligence Agency:
Human Nationalists Congress Special Activities Division
"Justice" Faction • "Unity" faction:
Coalition Galactic Faction All-Coalition Social Union "Coalition Front"
"Brotherhood" Faction • Local government:
• Public movements: Saar Regional Council
"Dignity" • Pro-government forces:
"Road Control" "American Guard"
"Common Business" "Stronghold" Boxing Club
"Black Committee" Coalition Civil Union
"Nobody Except Us" • Religion organizations:
Motorists Unit of AC "New Greatness" Coalition Union of Christian Denominations (no violent actions taken)
LGBTQ movements Spiritual Administration of Coalition Muslims (no violent actions taken)
• Labor Unions:
Coalition Federation of Labor Unions
Coalition Confederacy of Free Labor Unions
• Force groups:
Waterloo Self-Protection Squad
• AC "New Greatness":
Coalition Nationalistic Army
"Men Rights" Sports-Patriotic Organization
Social-Nationalistic Assembly
Casualties: Casualties:
killed — more than 300 people killed — 15425 DHS, CIC, CNC and military personnel
injured — 9000 people injured — 24502 DHS, CIC, CNC and military personnel

Great Stand on the Waterloo Avenue — a massive multi-month protest in the center of Saar, which began on December 31, 2058 in response to the expansion of the emergency powers of the Commissariat by the Coalition government.
After the dispersal of the tent camp of the opposition on the night of December 31 to January 1, the protest action took a sharply anti-presidential and anti-government character. The high level of social injustice, the huge polarization of the incomes and living standards of the Coalition's population and the rampant corruption that permeates the executive and judiciary, law enforcement agencies are called the basic reasons for the scope of the protests.
January 1, 2059 for the protection of the Great Stand started the formation of "self-defense" units. By the end of the day more than 5 thousand people had registered in them. The leaders of the three opposition parliamentary parties ("New Greatness", "Fatherland", "New Order") announced the formation of the Central Office of the Protest Coalition.

January 22, 2059: The Coalition government is exfiltrated from the National Capital Region by the Executive Operations Force. The JECNI assumes executive authority and deploys the 5th and 6th Commissariat Legions to keep order in Saar.

January 23, 2059: The ODNI opens talks with the protesters and starts an investigation of the government actions during the protests. Violent action drops as consensus is reached and the JECNI relieves the Commissariat of its emergency powers. Emergency election procedures are invoked as President Julie Farkas steps down from her post.

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