Assault of Coalition Parliament

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Assault of Coalition Parlament

1 February 2059, 8:00

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2 February 2059, 12:00, (Kodak 3MM BE)

Location United Coalition, New Kiev, Federal District, Parliament Precinct
Date 1 February 2059 (8:00) - 1 February 2059 (23:59)
Result Victory of the of Protest Coalition, utter decimation of the 2nd Commissariat Legion, "Waterloo Self-Protect" took control over Parliament Building, destruction of half of Parliament Building under Paul Fortress artillery fire, utter decimat

thumb-photostock-vector-eagle-emblem-wings-spread-holding-banner.jpg Theodor Heuss 69350339_w640_h640_flag.gif Albert Black 15px-White_flag_icon.svg.png
thumb-photostock-vector-eagle-emblem-wings-spread-holding-banner.jpg Helmuth Weidling
thumb-photostock-vector-eagle-emblem-wings-spread-holding-banner.jpg Simeon Rodzaevskiy
thumb-photostock-vector-eagle-emblem-wings-spread-holding-banner.jpg Vasiliy Negoda

150th Infantry Division, 171st Infantry Division Parliament Garrison: est. 1000, Parliament Precinct: est. 5000

Unknown Killed - est. 2500, taken prisoner - 1650.

Parliament Assault — combat operation of "Waterloo Self-Protect" against Coalition forces for tooking control on Coalition Parliament Building. Was conducted at final stage of New Kiev Offensive Operation from day to night of 1 February 2059 by forces of the 150th and 171st infantry divisions of 79th Infantry Corps of the 3rd Strike Army of the First Canadian Front.

In preparation for repulsing the Revolution offensive, New Kiev was divided into 9 sectors of defense. The Central sector, including the buildings of government agencies, including the Coalition Chancellery, the Commisariat building and the Parliament, was well fortified and defended by the selective units of the Army. It was to the central sector that the armies of the 1st Canadian and 1st Mexican fronts tried to break through. As the Revolution troops approached concrete institutions, the command of the front and armies posed the tasks of mastering these objects.

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