(MS//SIOD/SAR-EXECOPS//ND) Structure of the CIC, unredacted edition


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(U//OFFICIAL) Basic overview of the Intelligence Community

  • [ODNI] Office of the Director of National Intelligence
    The Office of the Director of National Intelligence is charged with oversight over CIC activities. It is headed by the Director of National Intelligence himself.
    • [JECNI] Joint Executive Council for National Intelligence
      The Joint Executive Council for National Intelligence provides executive oversight after CIC activities, issues specific policy guidance and is responsible for the relationship of the CIC with other Coalition government executive departments and agencies.
    • [ODNI:DIR] Director's Staff
      • [EASG] Executive Activities Support Group
    • [ODNI:ICNS] Intelligence Community Network Services
      The Intelligence Community Network Services is a joint ODNI-NISC enterprise that provides computer systems for the Intelligence Community, primarily managing the CIC Information Sharing Environment (CIC ISE).
    • [ODNI:CLASSIFICATION] Classification Markings System Implementation and Modification Office
    • [ODNI:DEA] Directorate of External Affairs
      • [ODNI:IG] Office of the Inspector General
        The Inspector General is tasked with monitoring the compliance of CIC activities and operations with Coalition legislation.
      • [ODNI:DECLASS] Declassification Review Board
        The Declassification Review Board reviews documents for mandatory/on-demand declassification and public release.
  • [NSPC] National Special Projects Center

(MS//LUT-OPR PRD//OC/NF) Structure of the JIA

The Joint Intelligence Agency provides domestic and foreign human intelligence products to CIC and other internal consumers, and performs covert action on behalf of the Coalition government. Further data about the JIA operational structure is provided below (sdtp://jia.gdis.def/cgi-bin/structure.sdtf).

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(U//OFFICIAL) Structure of the NISC

The National Information Security Center provides domestic and foreign signals intelligence products to CIC and other internal consumers, ensures the compliance of government systems with communications security and information assurance principles, and performs intelligence operations related to information systems. Further data about the NISC operational structure is provided below (sdtp://hosting.ise.cic.gov/sites/nisc/structure.cgi).


  • [NISC:DIR] Office of the Director, NISC
    • [NISC:IG] Office of the Inspector General
    • [NISC:GC] Office of the General Counsel
    • [NISC:CIO] Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO)
    • [NISC:CTO] Office of the Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
    • [NISC:PUBLIC] Office of Public Affairs
  • [NISC:ADMIN] Administrative Staff and Policy Directorate
    • [NISC:ADMIN1] Corporate Policy
    • [NISC:ADMIN2] Information Policy
    • [NISC:ADMIN3] Declassification Policy
    • [NISC:ADMIN4] Technology Security, Export, and Encryption Policy
    • [NISC:ADMIN5] Educational Services
    • [NISC:ADMIN6] Human Resources Management
  • [NISC:SEC] Security and Counterintelligence Directorate
  • [NISC:RESDEV] Research and Development Directorate
    • [NISC:RESDEV1] Cryptological Research Branch
    • [NISC:RESDEV2] Malware Analysis Branch
    • [NISC:RESDEV3] Information Systems Exploitation Branch
  • [NISC:OPS] Operations Directorate
    • [NISC:OPS:SCD] Special Collections Division
      • [NISC:OPS:SCD:EXT] External Operations Service
    • [NISC:OPS:TAO] Tailored Access Operations Task Force
  • [NISC:TOS] Technical Services and Operational Support Directorate
    • [NISC:TOS1] Network Certification Service
    • [NISC:TOS2] SIGINT Mission Capabilities Division
    • [NISC:TOS3] Information Systems Emergency Response Team
    • [NISC:TOS4] Special Communications Service
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