(U//OFFICIAL) Special Activities

Reason: Does not depict actual events and is an intra-CIC work of fiction

This document details

(U//OFFICIAL) Older operations: RECLAIMER and REVENANT

The most dangerous threat facing the SA at the end of the FCW was simple – a lack of any real intelligence on the aliens. Assessments of their military, their economies, their politics and long term goals – all were needed. At the end of the FCW, all humanity knew was that the turians were hostile, the asari were friendly and looked like us, and strange things – volus, elcor, salarians – were helping with the damage to the Sol system and the colonies.

At the outset of the contact between humans and asari, they were just as much an enigma as anyone else. The turians were also both a threat and interesting. Based on the early information we had, it seemed the turians were more trustworthy than the asari or salarians, even if they were more extreme and given to bouts of genocidal action.

The decision to move forward with some kind of limited intelligence / counter-intelligence operation can actually be laid at the feet of yourself, Mr. Harper. The Cerberus Manifesto may have been derided in public and dismissed as the rantings of a terrorist, but both the AIS and the Manswell's took at least some parts of it very seriously.

In a paper dated some five weeks after the release of CM-001, Prince Aloxius Manswell made the following statement:

"The concepts put forth in the Cerberus Manifesto seem shocking, but they are hardly any more shocking that the choices we have already made in the concepts of the Legions and of forcing additional exposure to eezo among the poorer segments of Earth's population. A distributed program of black-hat and white-hat operations, preferably with the white-hat being 'official' and the black-hat being 'off the books', would enable us to prepare, react, and counter alien influence and prevent any additional weakness in our core structures."

"White-hat ops should be built from scratch, using military heroes or figures of high social importance where possible. Black-hat ops will utilize elements of society that cannot be linked back directly to the SA … and should utilize people such as this Illusive Man as first responders and, if needed, sacrificial scapegoats."

Thus, six programs were drawn up by the AIS, with cooperation from the Commissariat and the SA's Xenoreactions Unit. Formally designated PROJECT IMPRESSION, the six programs were classed into two brackets, Operation White and Operation Black. These programs were never announced to the public as such, they were instrumental in keeping the SA alive and intact in the early days, and for that reason these were codename endeavors that were restricted to some of the best soldiers, scientists, and operatives in the entire SA.

Much later on, three more programs under Operation Gray were initiated, based on feedback, issues and results from White and Black, with a fourth added shortly thereafter.

Special Project RECLAIMER: 'White hat' operations

Special Project RECLAIMER had a number of overall goals : impressing aliens, making friends, and learning more about them in a positive manner. RECLAIMER always attempted to backstop it's programs with actual initiatives where possible, so that it's actions appeared merely well-meaning human attempts at being a helpful partner, rather than cold-blooded calculation. It was extremely successful.

OPW as a whole was shut down because all the goodwill humanity had built up through OPW would be lost if the truth was ever to come to light. The other reason was the dislike of Prince Aloxius Manswell, who felt that money could be spent on many things better than 'playing kissy with aliens'. It had three subprograms.

Operation Janus: Diplomatic and cultural exchanges

JANUS was the unit involved in improving diplomatic and cultural interaction. Named for the two-faced Roman God of beginnings and transitions, looking to the future and the past. JANUS originated both cultural exchanges like HANDSHAKE, where ESBOPS officers operated with alien military forces, as well as diplomatic support efforts like REACHBACK, where the CIC or the Armed Forces countered threats to aliens to show our willingness to help.

JANUS mostly interacted with the turians, as diplomacy was needed the most there. The program saved the life of Primarch Fedorian's last remaining son from a Shadow Broker assassination attempt, gaining us the gratitude of the Primarch. It crippled several batarian pirate rings that were abducting asari from the Traverse, and even shut down and executed human terrorists in a highly public event that helped convince the Turians that humans were capable of, as they put it, 'administering proper justice'. David Anderson was very active in JANUS and in both HANDSHAKE and REACHBACK.

JANUS was active until 2179, when it was retired as no longer needed.

Operation Vulcan: Science and technology

VULCAN was the unit involved in improving our work with alien technology. Named for the god of volcanoes and fire (with a connection to forges), the program tried to showcase innovative human technology applications such as medigel and linked shields, in return for learning more about alien technologies, particularly those we had no grounding in, such as optronics and bio-neural manipulation.

It spawned dozens of projects, but the most effective was BLUEZONE, a joint human-salarian effort involving FTL blueshift sensor physics that lead to the Nobel-Manswell prize being awarded to a salarian (Guhal Solus) and giving the SA it's first real-time FTL detection net capabilities. VULCAN mostly interacted with the salarians, given their technological superiority and the fact that the asari would at least explain what their tech did most times.

VULCAN became defunct after the group was counter-infiltrated by the STG, and many of it's functions folded into Special Project CYDONIA.

Operation Ceres: Economic and societal exchanges

The most ambitious of the programs was CERES, named for the goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationships. CERES focused on economic and agricultural ventures, both required in the desperate aftermath of the FCW. Earth's farm arcologies fed the majority of humanity, and lacking large-scale transport to ship such food to our colonies would be a bottleneck, as would pirate attacks. CERES also agitated for economic investment, and even invited alien colonists (as to spur further investment.)

CERES was a bust as far as farming investment went, and only mildly successful at attracting financial investment beyond the asari. It did help in starting up some farming communes in the outer colonies, but not many. CERES main claim to fame (and why it was shut down) was that it was far too successful with the attempt to boost the idea of alien colonists. Asari flocked to the program, mostly due to the fact that it's director ended up bonded to an asari investment banker who decided to gamble on human's success.

The OPENHAND program led directly to our making asari equal to humans for the purposes of citizenship, and kicked off a massive spike of asari immigration that has already drowned Watson in blue and is now at nearly nineteen million asari citizens and two million more processing for citizenship, with a waiting list of over thirty million more.

CERES was shut down in 2180, but is believed to have a cover and to continue underground operations in the Rights of All political party, given that the former CERES director is Gavin Roberts, the husband of Tursha Roberts, the Rights of All political leader.

Special Project REVENANT: 'Black hat' operations

Conversely, Operation Black's overall goal was countering alien penetration and infiltration, to infiltrate and subjugate alien economies and information systems, and to make preparations in case of an attempt to genocide humanity as was done with rachni, krogan, and arguably the quarians.

There were two differences between Operation White and Black. The first was that all of Black's projects were not formally connected to the SA. Each one was started independently of the SA by influential citizens and was only under 'advisement' by the AIS, not direct command.

The second was that while Operation White's projects had one overriding goal, each one of Operation Black's projects were given two – one that applied to aliens, and one that applied to humanity.

We all know one of these programs, the most successful. CERBERUS started life when the AIS read your Cerberus Manifesto and chose to provide you the money and assistance you needed to get going. CERBERUS was designated to build up economic and intelligence assets both to defend humanity's interests and if needed cripple alien economies to buy us time in a war.

CERBERUS's second goal was to act as an informal method of assassinating economic or political figures in human society who weakened human economic or intelligence interests, mostly those identified to be working for aliens but sometimes hapless (if stupid) humans who just were doing more harm than good.

CERBERUS originally had three projects, ILLUSION, SHADOW, and IRON. Illusion focused on economic objectives, Shadow on scientific investments and intelligence, and Iron on military intelligence and military economic assets. When Prince Aloxius moved to take Cerberus completely off the books and saddle us with Williams and Florez in 2175, it was 'officially' shut down, but the cover story of an out of control black-ops group allowed continued operations, if with the oversight of the AIS.

LAMIA, named for a child-eating daemon, was an insidious and frankly sickening project that kidnapped or otherwise obtained alien children (mostly salarian and turian, but some asari as well) and experimented with what techniques worked best to conduct brainwashing and behavior modification. These unfortunates were then deployed (usually, and quite cynically, by REACHBACK forces placing them in the aftermath of pirate attacks we would fight off) and acted as deep-cover spies.

It's purported goals were to develop deep cover operatives of alien extraction, and to benefit humanity through adapting biomedical breakthroughs gained via study of aliens.

LAMIA had three programs, amusingly named LGM, SPIKE, and VENUS, to focus on salarian, turian, and asari specifically. LAMIA was the brainchild of noted scientific industrialist Kim Song Heyuan, owner of Heyuan Genetics. He originally wanted to simply kidnap aliens to search for useful genetic adaptations to sell to MarsGene, but his sophisticated methods of getting his hands on alien children caught the AIS's eye. While a part of LAMIA still did pursue the human-centric concepts of aiding humanity through genetic research (certain treatments for Parkinson's came from adaptations from salarian nerve regeneration abilities) the group mostly focused on the kidnapping aspects.

Florez had no information on what exactly happened to the many of the alien children taken in by LAMIA, and I can't find any records on them either. The asari were too young to be of use and were eventually fostered to asari SA citizens, while the salarians were either seeded back into the Salarian Union and still send intelligence reports, or ended up working for the AIS's Information Warfare department.

The turian children, however, were never deployed abroad. Given recent insights on turian psychology, it's quite possible they were not … tractable. I find their likely fate somewhat disturbing, especially given Heyuan's later breakthroughs in bio-warfare weapons designed to damage turian egg viability and the project Cerberus worked on with Heyuan Genetics in 2182 for that plague that would cause destruction of turian biotic ability.

It was thankfully shutdown in 2174, when it fell afoul of a badly coordinated Corsair raid on a slave auction and was very nearly exposed. I hate to quote Pel, but even Cerberus did not sink to that level of atrocity, and I remain unsure who in the hell thought LAMIA was a good idea – if it had ever been discovered, God only knows what kind of reaction the turians would have had, much less the asari.

Strategic Continuity Initiative (Operation TYPHON)

TYPHON was the most carefully hidden of the projects, the most ambitious, and the only one still 'officially' active today, even if it is disassociated from Operation Black now.

Conceived using the old Manswell Expeditions as a guideline, TYPHON was the creation of generational ships filled with cloning equipment and stocks of human-base germline, frozen eggs and sperm, frozen fertilized embryos, seeds and stock DNA for all manner of Earth plants and animals, and libraries of all known technology and educational assets. This, combined with massive amounts of construction equipment, flash cloning tanks, nanomanipulation technology, and our first primitive omniforges, was to be humanity's last line of defense and to embody the SA slogan 'payback is a bitch'.

TYPHON, named after the monster with a hundred dragon heads, was the ultimate revenge project should the worst happen and humanity fell to alien conquest or genocide. One hundred of these generation ships were launched, concealed as barren icy asteroids and deployed in systems only reachable by long-distance FTL travel. Operated by extremely carefully written VIs with triple-interaction crosschecking to prevent code drift, the ships would hold position on standby until one of two conditions happened. If the ships could not contact Earth to get an all-clear signal, they would reach out to the other ships via a network of stealthed comm drones. If none of the 100 ships could get an all clear signal, they would all activate.

There were also sensors placed in the asteroid belt of Sol – if these sensors went offline all at once suddenly, or if they recorded massive invasions of Earth or a total lack of life signs, the ships would also activate. The sensors were carefully calibrated so that solar flares and/or solar storms, even mass coronal ejections, wouldn't disable all of them.

The VIs had Foundation-produced Bright/Zartion Hominid Replicators, and when activated would begin utilizing the asteroids in the belts they were stationed in as raw materials. Each ship would land on an assigned barren planet in the same system and begin building a base, producing water and oxygen and growing food supplies with the labor of mechs in shutdown that would activate when the ship went live. Humans would be flash cloned and hypnoprogrammed as well as chemical adjustment used to template them with needed skills.

The goal of TYPHON was to create one hundred hard to find safe-holds for small numbers of humans, complete with enough technology to create new homes. Ostensibly, these humans would rebuild humanity, first focusing on survival and building additional ships and plans to keep humanity alive, and then going for revenge, striking from a hundred different directions to avoid being tracked down.

Conditioning of the clones would lead them to use every possible method to sterilize the entire galaxy, with the main initial attack involving moving asteroids to slam into colonies, developing plagues and deploying them in secret, and basically acting to cause as much confusion and mayhem as possible before they were discovered. They would also focus on building yet more generational ships and sending out additional waves of back-up TYPHON style ships. Once discovered, they would strike for the kill, sneaking aboard the Citadel and detonating nuclear weapons and launching all out attacks on any aliens they found.

Most of the digital documentation regarding TYPHON has been destroyed including the exact locations of the ships or even the comm drones – all that is known to most SA officials even aware of the program is that the signal has to be transmitted and the sensor drones in the asteroid belts undisturbed. TYPHON is rated at a higher classification than anything else in the entire Systems Alliance, and for very good reason, with encryption keys in the low trillions of digits.

Given what we know about long-term cosmic radiation exposures, the operational parameters of the BZHR system and the properties of Coalition ship hulls, the genetic samples aboard the TYPHON fleet will cease to be viable in roughly two hundred thousand years.

The ships were fully completed and on station by 2306, and the signal has reported no losses (or activations) since then.


After review of Operation White and Black, Operation Gray was kicked off in later years. Rather than the unambiguous goody-two shoes acts of White or the appalling goals of Black, Gray was designed for pragmatic utilization of what humanity has attained and learned of over the years, rather than focused attempts at understanding aliens, derailing them, or preparing for them to crush us.

The main programs of Gray are ORCUS, JUNO, TELLUS, and the NOVENSILES project. The ostensible overarching goal of Gray is to attempt to mitigate the weaknesses of humanity either by leveraging alien biases, beliefs and interests or to ensure that aliens do not attempt to do to us what they did to the krogan, quarians, or batarians, or to make the cost of such actions so high that other alternatives would be considered.

ORCUS is the primary program, named for the god of punishment of broken oaths. ORCUS focuses on building working relationships with alien military forces, encouraging cross-training and war-games, to impress on aliens that humans are both a big enough threat not to risk offending while also being useful enough to merit being included rather than excluded in the machinations of the asari and the salarians. ORCUS is involved with showcasing our biotics by having them train with asari commandos, highlighting our inventive nature by having our carriers perform anti-pirate patrols alongside turian forces, and impress them with our intellectual progress, such as our use of the Thorian on Feros to rapidly decipher parts of some salarian Prothean ruins they had failed to decipher. It is a fusion of the old JANUS and VULCAN projects, mostly, but with negative as well as positive demonstrations.

ORCUS has two sub-projects, SMILE and FROWN. SMILE focuses on humanity's potential in assisting aliens, FROWN highlights that we're too dangerous to try stupid suppression tactics on. While playing a game of intergalactic good cop/bad cop may seem somewhat insipid, it does seem to work. Even aliens can grasp the idea when we hold up the carrot and the stick and let them decide which one they want put in their mouths, after all.

JUNO, named for the goddess who acted as both protector of the state and a representation of eternal youthfulness, is specifically designed to manage our asari citizens. There is a lot to discuss regarding this issue, as I agree with your note – JUNO is a program Cerberus should monitor closely.

I also find JUNO personally interesting. Your message to research it and to think about what it posits was confusing to me at first. I remain somewhat troubled by the number of asari in the SA. But, pursuant to your last communication to view the SA-bound asari as completely different than Republic Asari, I have been doing some research in recent days,.

I have quite probably been wrong, and your words are taken in the spirit they were clearly meant to convey, Mr. Harper. You know my past with the witches, and I the mess I went through with Sirta and the University of Toronto was at the hands of 'asari citizens', albeit some of the very first asari to join the SA.

Twenty years has changed many things, it seems.

I will have to agree that their loyalty not just to the SA but to humanity is at least as strong as normal asari loyalty to their own people. Asari citizens have died saving humans, have sacrificed themselves without a thought in firefights and civilian accidents, and have even defied commands of the Thirty to take the side of humans in such conflicts.

Asari are more than willing to defer promotion and patiently let humans take the lead in human endeavors. Asari do not – and will not, even apparently under heavy torture – sell out humans or SA military secrets, despite attempts by both the STG and the Nightwind to achieve this.

The fact that the Asari Republic would sent fucking ardat-yakshi after their own kind simply because they ran away from the Thirty is disgusting. The asari in the SA may be – no, are – acceptable, but those evil witches on Thessia are far more morally revolting than we could ever be. This single, sickening act is what has made me change my mind on the asari citizens in our borders – they are very nearly as much victims as humanity itself.

Most strikingly, young asari being raised in human space are NOT being taught typical asari collectivist and unitary concepts, rather being encouraged towards independence, self-achievement and even ambition of a personal rather than communal nature. The games they play are competitive and the growth and psychological patterns of such asari is a curious mix of asari unity and cooperation with a stubborn streak of taking care of their friends and valuing such friends over popularity or money.

This last set of trends flies so far in the face of asari culture that I begin to see exactly why the Thirty is very alarmed and upset at the asari immigrating to the SA.

It has nothing to do with the numbers. Millions of asari out of the well over tens of billions that swarm in their own space is a drop in the bucket. It doesn't have to do with public perceptions, either, as most asari tend to sneer at those who come to the SA as doing so just because humans look like asari or because they want to have asari-asari relationships that are taboo in the Republics.

(As an aside, there are many, many asari-asari couples having children in SA space. So far, none have registered very high on what we believe is the A/Y index, although JUNO has made humane preparation to comfortably isolate any such unfortunates. I suspect the Thirty merely want to have all the damned ardat-yakshi freaks under their personal control.)

The real danger that the Thirty fear (and one of the core reasons for the existence of JUNO) is that SA asari will grow up with a more human outlook on their place in the galaxy, one based on human values – independence, ambition, individual achievement – that is a huge threat to the garbage the Thirty preaches. Even a handful of SA-raised asari linking or bonding with native asari of the Asari Republics could kick off huge disturbances in the latter, as the Thirty have no way to prevent such concepts from spreading like wildfire.

This is why there are so many utterly draconian limits on SA asari returning home, and why such limits have only gotten more stringent in the past two years. It is why so many asari in the Republics WANT to come to the SA, because they desperately fear not being able to do so in the near future. It's why the Thirty have taken such a hard tone with the Minister of State about stopping any further immigration. I fear my own biases and those of men of industry like me may be playing into the hands of the Thirty, a thought that is appalling and makes me question my own intellect.

It is this insight (which I freely admit I did not see until I was doing work on JUNO) that lead to the creation of JUNO.

JUNO posits that our asari citizens are the most potent weapon humanity has. They have the asari lifespan, enabling our race to have a reservoir of continuity of knowledge and planning for centuries. They have strongly boosted the power of our military on Watson, aided us immensely in actually understanding optronics and advanced FTL concepts, and the presence of asari has been repeatedly shown to (for reasons still in discussion) lower crime and make the average human feel safer.

Asari are also violently and nearly fanatically protective of humans once they become SA marines. Some combination of the asari needs to feel a part of a greater whole and the Marine credos about sacrifice and duty to the protect the innocent has created a curious admixture in most asari soldiers. There are tens of thousands of asari in our armed forces now, and not a single one has been given a PRIDE rating lower than 3.0, even by the most anti-asari commissars. More would happily join, if the PRIDE rating didn't ding the units by two entire points merely for having non-human members.

Furthermore, the number of asari with human bondmates is in the millions. These asari simply will not allow anything to endanger their families, and they are very willing to fight and die rather than simply suffer through bond-death that could be avoided. Such asari would never surrender, stiffening our military further if they were more common in other SA units.

JUNO pushes to actually increase the numbers of asari immigrants, to smooth laws and make room for them alongside humans, to sort of reverse the asari plan to assimilate and change humanity by instead assimilating and changing asari. Once upon a time I would have called this the worst sort of idiocy.

I took your orders under advisement, however, and I had the opportunity to talk to many SA asari recently on Bekenstein, both a few soldiers and many civilians.

I must say despite myself I am … very impressed. They do not come off as superior sneering sluts, most of them dressing just like normal human women, and the majority of them are very firm with their children that they must fit in with humans and not to emulate their home culture. They are polite but not submissive, and above all else proud – proud to be in the SA, proud to call themselves partners of humanity, and … to my surprise … proud of humanity itself.

JUNO has made large strides in subtly changing perceptions towards the asari as a whole as well, a faint gesture of making SA asari 'trustworthy' while highlighting things that should make us distrust 'foreign' asari. This I agree with wholeheartedly. If we can turn 'our' asari into a weapon against the tramps on Thessia, the program will have been worth it's cost ten times over.

The first two programs were mostly positive. The other two have darker and more disturbing connotations that, quite frankly, are beginning to smell slightly of most of Operation Black.

TELLUS is an ambitious program that, in a way, is the antithesis to TYPHON. It's primary focus is on ensuring the survival of humanity, by developing frameworks and rationales for establishing enclaves of humanity in asari, salarian, and even turian space, and to focus on moving as much of humanity out of Sol and into the greater galaxy as possible. Hopefully, even if the entirely of the SA is destroyed, humanity will live on somewhere.

A rather depressing and defeatist viewpoint, but still better than TYPHON's rationale.

TELLUS is the result of a series of war-scenarios run by the SA on what would happen if a galaxy-threatening event like the Rachni ever arose. Other alien races have fairly decentralized populations. The turians have more turians living off Palaven than on it, and the asari have about a fifty / fifty split. 90% of humanity lives in Sol, along with the majority of our industry, science, economy, culture, and military power.

The war-scenario showed that an enemy from the Traverse could, if they managed to fight past or overwhelm the fleet at Mindoir, bottle up First and Second fleet inside Arcturus and Sol,which would slowly starve while the aliens ravaged the rest of our colonial holdings. Worse, an enemy that could penetrate the Arcturus defenses and get as far as engaging the Solguard would have ranging mass accelerator shots on half the planets in the solar system. If we were unlucky to be in a state where Earth was closest to the mass relay, the Solguard could NOT stop a force more than twice it's size fast enough to ensure Earth was not hit with kinetic fire.

Earth's dying and battered ecosystem cannot sustain any more environmental damage or the planet will simply die. TELLUS submits this is more of a matter of 'when' than 'if', and that to wait until the worst happens lets any invader hold humanity hostage.

TELLUS has been working hard to focus human investment and travel to the furthest out class II colonies to try to build them up to Class III status, as well as pushing human settlement in asari and salarian territories in the Silver Rim. The asari are of course delighted in having human colonists, and TELLUS is targeting those unlikely to be supportive of the SA in any event.

TELLUS's second goal is to spur alien settlement in human space, mostly on the wildcat colonies and our borders, with the objective of hopefully blunting alien hostility with a show of acceptance. I am leery of allowing large numbers of aliens in our ranks, but the wildcatters are another thing entirely, and could actually be useful in stabilizing the lawlessness of the frontier.

The darkside of the project is that it is encouraging highly placed and important alien citizens to settle in the SA, with the clear intention of using them as hostages or punitive retribution displays if we are attacked. It doesn't care about the lives of these alien citizens, only that they are available and vulnerable.

While I certainly am not going to complain about this on the morals, the … execution strikes me as somewhat objectionable. It has the feel of the confidence of many other projects the SA has carried out, projects that made assumptions about aliens. I do not think turians or even salarians would hesitate to kill even important individuals if they'd already devoted themselves to a military strike against us.

Of course, our information on TELLUS is at best fragmentary. Florez thought it was stupid and didn't pay much attention to it. There is probably something we're missing.

The most …ominous of the projects is the NOVENSILES project.

The project, named for an obscure group of Roman demigods identified only as the "new men", is the investigation and conceptualization of a trans-human template for general use. And by general use I mean these lunatics plan to convert every single human at birth when it finally gets off the ground.

The project was sourced in the aftermath of the Phase III Commissar design project. While first-gen Commissars were merely cyborgs with cortex bombs and mental issues, and second-gen Commissars were often biotic orphans brainwashed into service, forced to submit through mental conditioning, and made frightening through implants and genetic mods to make them stronger and tougher, the third gen Commissar is something else entirely.

Read 'something else' as 'not even remotely human'.

Designed from before birth to be of service to Humanity and the SA, the third generation commissar has several alien genetic codes incorporated into their DNA, a baseline 42% cybernetic conversion ratio, carefully monitored instruction and preconditioning from birth, and more biotic power than the L3 biotic, augmented by L2 cerebral extracts, highly refined and purified red sand pumped into their breathing apparatus, and certain asari technologies to enhance their baseline nervous system. Grayboxes filled with tactics and legal data will augment their minds, and a host of genetic upgrades from drell, asari, turian and even krogan sources will upgrade their bodies to clearly superhuman levels of strength, speed, and agility.

The first prototypes are still in genetic workup, and decades from debut, but it is clear from the projections that a P-III Commissar would be a terrifying opponent. The NOVENSILES project aims to adapt some of the less outre alterations done to the commissars, combine them with useful genetic or enzymatic changes gathered in the research done by project LAMIA, and use them to improve humanity.

The baseline goals are chillingly stated.

First, the acquisition of drell-style perfect memories, which would be managed by grayboxes installed in every human citizen at adulthood. These would have low-wave transmission and remote alteration capacity – memories could be edited by the commissariat, or monitored for treason and criminal activity. If disabled, the drell memory fugue state would make violators easy to spot.

Second, the acquisition of asari low-level regenerative abilities, and possibly the adoption of the asari organ that boosts their baseline nervous system electrical capacity. Regeneration would aid with human survival in many fronts, while the organ would make our biotics far more powerful and allow every human to be biotic if exposed to eezo.

Third, adaptation of elements of the turian liver (see?!I told you it was interesting) and the chemical filtration ability they demonstrate, to filter out toxins, poisons, and other undesirable trace elements.

Fourth and finally, genetic sequences from salarians that would lead to the cerebellum producing more climbing fibers, aiding in human balance, agility, and reaction-reflex time.

The combined 'baseline human' would be able to read and retain everything with photographic memory, have minor regeneration to seal any minor wounds and even lost minor body parts (fingers, etc) without surgical intervention, have the capacity for every human to be biotic, and a much stronger biotic than our L3's, to be immune to ingested or injected toxins and foreign substances, and to have reflexes and balance more akin to a salarian, if not a match.

You can imagine what a change to human baseline abilities of this magnitude would do for human survival.

The project is long term, with the stated goal to slowly and carefully build up to what they call stage one before moving on to further stages. Florez's documentation has no additional information on stage 2, and none of my own contacts have heard anything about it. Infiltration will be the only method we have to know if they've dropped this concept or are still pursuing it.

I will continue to review incoming suggestions and implement them in the order of usefulness. I hardly need Pel to provide me with advice, as at least I am not forced to hire my bed-partners.

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