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Welcome to COINTELNET (Common Intelligence Network), courtesy of the Coalition Intelligence Community Network Services (CIC-NS).

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  • Create a wiki template that is closely inspired by Wikimedia
  • But much cooler, of course ;-)

See the blog post to read more.

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Intellipedia's interface (aka what inspired this site)
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This picture shows an unclassified page from Intellipedia, the US Intelligence Community's secure analogue of Wikipedia.

About this site

Does this site really belong to an intelligence service? NO.

Actually, this wiki is being developed as a roleplay resource for those who wants to indulge themselves in a world of espionage (myself included).

The template was chosen to resemble Intellipedia, the classified wiki used by the US Intelligence Community.

If you have some ideas to share and want to help make this wiki better, you can join the site and start contributing straight away!

Apply for a security clearance here.

All classification markings within this website are unclassified and are for entertainment purposes only.

Featured Article: wiki:using-this-wiki-site

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